Warehouse Management Solution for Distributors

Streamline warehouse processes and automate data capture with mobile barcode scanning built exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Scale your distribution operations for growth and achieve real-time visibility by integrating mobility and barcode scanning within your warehouse. By eliminating pick tickets, shipping manifests, and inventory count sheets that require countless hours of manual data entry, you will gain efficiencies and dramatically reduce costs. Additionally, further streamlining and automating your warehouse processes will optimize your outbound operations and satisfy increasing customer demands of premium service at cheaper prices.

Empowering distribution operations of all sizes for more than a decade, K.Motion Collect for GP is designed to meet the needs of fast-growing companies with even the most complex business requirements. Seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics GP and sharing the same database, you will be able to clearly articulate inventory availability and service level to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. With more than a thousand configuration options to minimize the need for customizations, K.Motion Collect for GP provides the fastest time to the most value of any solution on the market.

Amplify your Microsoft Dynamics GP with a warehouse management solution that enhances, automates and takes your distribution operations to the next level. Learn more about how our flexible, single database application built from the ground up exclusively within Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers advanced functionality alongside best-in-class total cost ownership.

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We purchased the solution so that we would be able to run physical inventory using scan guns. Our experience with K.Motion Collect for GP has been very satisfactory. We used to waste a lot of time looking for materials but now inventory is tracked in real time throughout our facility.

- Karen Ward, Controller, WTI Inc..

K.Motion Collect for Microsoft Dynamics GP solves your distribution complexities with:

  • Incredibly fast time to value through a low-risk, rapid implementation
  • On-site professional services that have 18 years of experience in warehouse logistics and Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Live transaction execution within your ERP resulting in a real-time view of your warehouse operations
  • 99-plus percent inventory accuracy
  • Elimination of error-prone interface transactions and duplication of inventory data
  • Automation of receiving, picking, and inventory control transactions from utilizing mobile devices on your warehouse floor
  • Streamlining and automating the core functions within Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Configurable modules that take Microsoft Dynamics GP inventory capabilities to new heights such as, Physical Inventory/Cycle Counts, Barcode Label Manager, Item Alias, Transaction Logging, Enhanced Multi-Bin and more
Watson Gloves Case Study

Case Study: Watson Gloves

Access the Watson Gloves case study by clicking the link above to learn how this company is able to efficiently run its complex operations with K.Motion Collect for GP.

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