Choosing the right warehouse management system

Today, competitive edge is built on connected information that allows distributors and manufacturers to deliver on ever-evolving customer expectations. To stay in the race, organizations need to bridge data gaps between the warehouse and the rest of the organization.

A modern, connected WMS (Warehouse Management System) will integrate inventory with order entry, production and shipping data in Microsoft Dynamics® GP to provide employees across the organization with the information they need to work smarter and faster.

With accurate and timely information, distribution and manufacturing operations accelerate the accuracy and response times that drive customer satisfaction. By eliminating paperwork and manual key entries, productivity soars and all employees gain confidence in inventory accuracy.

In this eBook, we’ll examine how the right WMS system will help you build competitive edge. We’ll explain how the functionality of WMS can put information in the hands of every employee to improve customer experiences and empower decision-making. As you look to take your Dynamics GP supply chain management to the next level, we’ll help you ask the critical questions and make the right choice in a WMS.

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K.Motion Collect for GP is the best solution available. I would definitely endorse this solution solely based on the fact that I have not had to do a physical inventory count in years. I still have the same amount of workers and my sales have increased dramatically.

–Sam Heuckstaedt, Rymax, Inc.