Largest game room furniture manufacturer achieves superior customer satisfaction by making next day deliveries available with integrated shipping

With an eye towards profitability, American Heritage Billiards (AHB) needed to replace its labor intensive order picking and shipping processes to accommodate high volumes of smaller orders and shrinking shipping windows. By integrating shipping into its outbound order process, AHB can now fulfill orders same day which has greatly improved its vendor scorecard and increased sales.

Download this case study to learn how leveraging HighJump carrier selection and manifesting for Microsoft Dynamics GP has allowed AHB to:

  • Increase performance and throughput
  • Reduce processing steps and touch points by double
  • Gain complete shipment and package visibility
  • Improve customer service and increase vendor scorecard with on-time, accurate shipments

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Integrating shipping into our warehouse operations has allowed us to more than double our daily parcel shipments, all while improving accuracy, reducing manpower and obtaining better shipment visibility.

- Raymond Soltes, Director of IT