Cradle to grave traceability with transactions posting live in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Extending the power of your Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing capabilities, K.Motion Collect for GP automates a manufacturer’s entire inventory and manufacturing process in real-time. Built from the ground up and exclusively within the Microsoft Dynamics GP database to eliminate mass amounts of manual data entry, discrepancies and lag-time while increasing accuracy.

K.Motion Collect for GP accelerates all your manufacturing-specific requirements alongside delivering a foundation of best practices to your distribution center. Providing complete cradle to grave traceability throughout the manufacturing process with barcode scanning of all lot and serial functionality within Dynamics GP. Know exactly what is happening on your manufacturing shop floor with transactions posting live in your ERP. With this software, you will have complete visibility of what is happening on the manufacturing floor in real-time, track employee performance metrics, and drive efficiency gains by removing the paperwork and key entries.

Warehouse Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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K.Motion Collect for GP seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing, Horizons, and Vicinity MFG for increased automation regardless of which MFG package you use to run your operations. In addition to all the core inventory management functionality, K.Motion Collect for GP delivers superior manufacturing automation and barcode scanning with advanced capabilities, such as:

Raw Material Picking

Support paperless picking of components, automating issues to WIP. RF handhelds validate raw materials picked and process a Component Transaction Entry (issue) in Microsoft Dynamics GP. This reduces your on-hand raw material inventory real-time and pushes it to WIP against the specified Manufacturing Order.

- FIFO/FEFO directed Picking

- Substitute Items

-Over/Under Pick tolerances

-Lot/Serial Tracking

Raw Material Reverse Issues

Un-utilized raw materials can be sent from WIP back to on-hand raw material inventory, processing a Component Transaction Entry (reverse issue) in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Operator can be guided back to bin raw material was pulled from, or scan alternate bin. This transactions keeps WIP accurate based on actual consumption of Raw Material.

Finished Goods Receiving

This module populates the Manufacturing Order Receipt Entry window in Dynamics GP updating finished goods inventory levels in real-time.

-Hand-held based Label Printing

-Partial Receipt

-Byproduct Supported

-Auto-Generate Serial/Lots

-Over Receipt

Labor/Machine Time Capture

Allow Clock-In/Clock Out functions for employees to update labor and or/machine time against manufacturing work orders. Providing Actual Cost data by Work Order.

- Indirect Labor

- Machine Time

- Direct Labor

MFG Wave Transfer

Create specialized pick tasks to transfer raw material to a WIP staging location along the manufacturing line. Final consumption of Raw Material could be Back-Flushed based on the GP Bill of Materials or scanned into WIP along the MFG line. Group by Work Order, Linked Sales Orders, Assemblies and more.

-Transfer to WIP Staging Site ID or Bin

-Guided Picking by bin location

-Over-Picking configurable

Edit Lot Attributes

Update lot attributes, manufactured date and expiration date information from RF handhelds. This utility adds quick and mobile way to use lot attributes to indicate relevant information to your users.

Combined Barcoding

Combined barcoding is the concept of storing multiple pieces of data in a single barcode. For example, a common combined barcode contains an item number, lot number, and expiration date in one barcode rather than three separate barcodes. Our barcoding engine allows the user to scan this special barcode at the item prompt, and then skip the subsequent lot number and expiration date prompts. The values for those prompts are updated behind the scenes. Multiple combined barcode formats can be configured in the system that can contain item, serial/lot, expiration date, manufactured date, quantity, and unit of measure information. The system has pre-configured algorithms to parse standard formats such as HIBC and GS1.

One-Scan Lots/Serials

Similar to combined barcoding, One-Scan Lots/Serials is the concept of scanning a unique serial/lot number at the item prompt and skipping the subsequent prompts automatically. It takes combined barcoding a step further in that the bin prompt can even be skipped. The concept relies on unique serial/lot numbers in the system and functions for all transactions except inbound.

Handheld Label Printing

K.Motion Collect for GP offers the ability to print product labels from both a PC-based interface (Label Manager) and directly from the handheld while performing a transaction. For example, while receiving a purchase order, labels can automatically be printed for each item received. Handheld label printing uses the same engine as Label Manager referencing a standard set of views. The number of labels to print, and the quantity printed on each label, can be promoted each time, or configured with defaults.

Transaction Logging

Logs detailed records of RF operator activities including, but not limited to, the task performed, time and duration. Information can be used for productivity reporting and audit trail history.

Warehouse Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Case Study: Watson Gloves

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